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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Issue 2, pages 9 & 10

Z.K. Winkleface the book-seller shows the Brothers his wares. There's one book that Gnash picks up from the pile, however, that is not for sale.

Issue #1 is available as a print-on-demand comic on Indy Planet; I am still on issue #2, slogging away at it when I don't have any paying gigs (which I currently have, I am happy to report). My first issue was finished back when my son Jacob was nine, now he's eleven...I wanted to get the second issue done by Christmas as a gift to myself (not yet in color, just in black & white), but too many other projects were in the queue, Like I said, I've been fortunate to have work, so I can't complain. One of Jacob's buddies asked me recently if issue #2 was finished yet. He said he's looking forward to it because he likes the comic. That comment was enough to re-motivate me to finish the next issue. By God, if not for me, then for my son's friend Rennie!