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Monday, September 15, 2014

Mock-ups of the 'Axiom' design.

After deciding that the name Bison was not working and realizing I liked the name Axiom a whole lot (and not wanting to waste more time on the selection process), I played around with lettering styles and colors using the Axiom name. Row A (top) used an ellipse as a framing around the 'X'; it looked OK, but I wasn't sure about the lettering style and emphasis on the X. The 'OM' also looked a bit like an after-thought. Row B (bottom) had an all-lower case lettering style, and the ellipse seemed to work better because it used the right-slash of the 'x' as a follow-through, and it also lined up nicely with the dot over the 'i'. I then added the dot in the middle of the 'o', similar to the top row. The blue ellipse was dead-center behind the title, which I liked as a framing device.

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